Let me introduce myself…

Little Bit You is my promise to make wedding accessories that reflect your personality and dreams.

Inspiration can come from the smallest things, A word …feeling …picture …book …film …or holiday. I can help you with conceptualising your wedding theme or you might already have something in mind.

Your wedding is a day when all the people that you care about are joined together in celebrating you as a couple. When I got married, I wanted everything to compliment our personalities; we’re both very positive people, loving the little things in life and sometimes we’re a bit silly!

I loved making things that expressed our feelings, and the fact that we got to keep everything after our big day made it even more special.

The bouquet is like the centre piece to your wedding; therefore it should be a work of art. Each flower is lovingly put together so that it is unique in colour, texture and shape; complimented by carefully selected brooches, buttons and beads. I will keep you up to date with the making process and I’d be happy to use any fabric / brooches of your own that you wish to be included. I’m passionate about working with you to create something you will treasure forever. I’m not happy unless you are!

I can also produce various other accessories for your big day, including bow ties, button holes and hair accessories.  So please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’d like completely unique wedding accessories, made for you, for your special day. No idea is too crazy!

Handmade with love by Claire White, up in the North West of England.